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Midnight Secretary

Cover of 7th volume of Midnight Secretary
I just finished this vampiric theme manga by Ohmi Tomu, a story about an efficient and almost perfect secretary, Kaya Satuzuka, how she face each challenge and changed her arrogant, egoistic, and vampire boss, Director Kyouhei Touma of the Touma Company.

It's not your typical vampire story,with blood,bats, power, vampire elders, demons, and sex. Yes sex. This story is  different (when it comes to vampire rules and taboo) for example, lady vampire can have a baby with human and vice versa,
then the baby is either completely human or  vampire, vampires can only drink blood from the opposite sex, and blood is in its rich, pure quality and tasty when taken from human,who's in the merge of ecstasy, that's why this manga has so many erotic, steamy hot love scenes but, oh but, I find those scenes sweet and touching.^_^. Maybe because it was drawn decently and artistically. 

However among other things, this story left me a lasting impression about work and especially Kaya, she inspired me to work diligently, accurately, and efficiently. To always be at my best , don't give up and always work smart. I really admire her.

I've been in a corporate world for sometime now and I admit, I didn't took my work seriously. I guess I belong in a group of average employee that doesn't excel that much. I treat my work as an eight to five daily task that I have to finish. My heart just wasn't into it, maybe because I don't wanna be a 'salary woman' but I ended up one. I know I can do something about it,and live the life I want but that's a different story. What important is my work right now. I realized that was really a bad of me, I'm a fool risking my credibility and my name by working so-so. My work was not a simple task, life is at stake in every decision I made and I took it lightly. I feel ashamed of myself.

A true ninja risk his life no matter how simple the mission is.

A true detective do his best no matter how small his case is.
A true disciple pray fervently no matter how small his wish is. 
And a real princess do every single thing with grace and honor.  

That's why this time, I want to do my work responsibly and seriously and put my heart into it. I know the road is not paved in silk but I'll be working on it and I can handle it. 

Don't you know that after reading this manga I took a shower?! It was 2 o'clock in the morning and the water was freakily freezing like hell! (huh hell?)

But nah, I feel taking a bath just like a symbol that I was serious in my oath to change. That cold water washed away the old me. After that it was so refreshing and oh! My hair was still towel wrapped while writing this. I amazingly wonder how a 'simple' manga touch me like that. ^_^  Maybe it wasn't a simple manga after all.    

So it's a new me right now and this is more a review of myself than the manga right?! ^_^ but after all these blabbering Midnight Secretary is a must have in your shelves.

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