Wednesday, July 31, 2013


My Idea of Reading

I love I said before I read anything from tabloid to thesaurus and everything in between you can imagine. 

 After reading so many stories, yes, especially reading stories, I thought Ending doesn't matter anymore. 

In Book. Novel. Manga. or Comics.
When I was young, my rule in reading is to know the final verdict or the so called ending. I'm so excited and always looking forward on ending, that's is why I read every novel in one sitting. Of course it always made my day if its turn out 'happily ever after ending' (that's  usually what I hope for). Then I matured a little, I became focus on the events, scenes or in the story itself rather than the ending. It doesn't matter if it has a tragic or happy ending. What matter's most is how it was beautifully written by the author. How the author made me react in every scenario and played with my emotions. I laughed, cried, scared, nervous, screamed, happy, or sad,   and that the real fun of reading. 

However today, I am a bit different, I stopped reading a book when I reached the climax (what climax???!!) of the story, well I guess after the climax, or the problem was settled. I'm good. I can drop it already. And I always did. 

My attitude of 'ending doesn't matter anymore' got a notch higher this time. I realized that I pick every novel because of the premise, plot or conflict that made me intrigue  and how the character will solve the problems and face their challenges. Then after all things had been said and done and after the characters react and solve their problems, for me nothing else matter. Yes, nothing else matter, everything will be all right. I don't have to read the next chapter. 

Well maybe I just don't like endings or goodbyes so I'll leave it like that. I stop reading after all the issues were solved and everyone(characters) were fine. Next volume and chapters after the resolution would only be supplementary, a sequel, and a never ending story to satisfy the readers. But for me -

 I'm satisfied in a well written plot. No matter how cliche the plot is, if it's well written then it is a million worth reading.   

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