Monday, July 01, 2013

When My "Soul Mate" Missed Me

For the past few weeks, I was so busy with my new life style (Veganism), my new sport (Inline skating), my new diet (again?) and reading reviews of best Japanese animes (and watching it!). Haven't written anything in a long time!

Then this last Saturday, June 29, I went to flea market, bought a pair of slippers, and when the vendor gave me the slippers wrapped in an old newspaper, (vendors usually used paper to wrap item rather than plastic bag)and first thing  that caught my eye was the picture of a familiar group... and it's no other than-Big Bang!! And when I unfolded the broadsheet, it's a whole article about Seoul!!(Seoul love...and this love won't let me go by Rey Rivera)

Face of Big Bang and famous places in Seoul  that wrapped my slippers - an article from broadsheet Philippine Star  

OMG~ is this to remind me that I am forgetting/neglecting something? I haven't touch my keyboard and write anything! I haven't write anything about my "soul mate" South Korea these past few weeks. My "Soul Mate" missed me...T^T.

I just get so selfish and took all the luxury of time for myself.  I spent lots of "me" time and enjoyed every minute of it! Gee I have so much fun~ and I forgot everything.hihi..

Now I'm working on my schedule and trying to squeeze in some special time for my "Soul Mate". Yelp! 

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