Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What is 'Selca'?

Selca (셀카)
 Have you heard of this term before? Maybe this slang word is extremely familiar to you if you’re following the high tide of Hallyu stardom.
Selca is a combination of two words “self camera” picture or “self capture” image, SEL (for Self) and CA (for Camera) and of course this word originated in Korea.
This selca rage started even before camera phone were invented. This self taking picture almost became a habit of many youngsters, especially high school students using their handy dandy camera. Posing and making faces with friends and classmates and they will post these fun and creative images on their personal social site or page. Making selca is so much easy today because of camera phone,much personalized, expressive, creative and more fun. It became youth’s way of expressing themselves and if you have Facebook account maybe you’ll see your friends making one or two Selcas too!
This is also eminent in the world of KPOP. Korean celebrities are famous in making selca, one simple selca (and sometimes each selca of KPOP stars) can be a big news in showbiz entertainment.  They’re making selca, either to update their fans on their activity or by simply expressing themselves; usually they’ll post their selca on their Twitter or Me2day account and below is a compilation of popular selca poses.

Famous Celebrities Selca Poses

 No Makeup Selca

 Mirror Reflection Shot

Bed Shot

Duck Face

Creepy Face

Teary / Sad Face

V(ictory) Sign

Eating Shot

With Pet Selca

Bbuing bbuing Selca

Isn't it cute? So why not make that camphone at work and snap some selcas today?! 
If you dont know how to make selca, there’s a handful of TIPS AND TRICKS on how to make one.

Or maybe I missed some of your favorite poses please leave a comment and I will add it. ^_^.
For more selca poses you can visit on their article Staff Picks: Popular Selca Poses

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