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Angono Rizal

photo from Angono website
Let's go local! The cradle of art  and the land of the Higantes in the Philippines. Come and Join me to explore, walk, and enjoy this small town of Rizal - ANGONO!

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Angono-Binangonan petroglyphs, this prehistoric artefact is declared a National Cultural Treasure and is the oldest known work of art in the Philippines. Age-old carvings depicting human-like figures at play decorate the wall of a rock shelter.

photo from backpackingpilipinas.blogspot.com
 Angono is also the home of proud Filipino national artists.: Carlos “Botong” Francisco and Lucio San Pedro.  Two more homegrown talents, Perdigon Vocalan and Nemi Miranda, are also  candidates for the prestigious title.

photo from Balaw-Balaw Facebook page
Perdigon Vocalan built the famous Balaw-Balaw restaurant, a restaurant known for its exotic menu. It is frequently featured on television programs here and abroad.  Bizarre Foods  by Andrew Zimmern featured this one of a kind resto. Among the best-sellers are uok (wood worms), Soup No.5 (cow’s balls) and crocodile meat. 
photo from nemirandaarthouse.com
 Nemi Miranda or Nemiranda is the owner of Atelier CafĂ© and Restaurant. Apart from the food, the highlight of this place is the art teeming from all sides. Greeting the guests is a huge higante and inside is displayed the works of Nemiranda. The art house-cum-restaurant used to be Nemiranda’s personal workshop and a part still is.

photo from allamateuradvice.com
 A prominent artistic contributor in this town is the Blanco family, from the father, Jose “Pitok” Blanco, to the mother to the seven children. The Blanco Family Museum showcases the family’s works over the year. Quite amazing are the obras of the children made at such young ages.

To complete your Angono trip make sure to taste the special fried itik (duck). Tender and flavourful, the best can be found not in the restaurants but in the streets.

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