Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Korean Family Titles

There are several kinds of family titles in Korea, which play a very important role in building up as close relations as family relationships.

In Korea you can’t just say Aunt X and Uncle X or even grandma and grandpa. There is a special word for mother’s older sister just as there is a different word for father’s younger sister. There are male and female versions of certain title in Korea. If you are a younger female, talking to an older sister; she would be Unni and if you're talking to your older brother, he would be Oppa. If you are a younger male, talking to an older sister: she would be Noona and if an older brother: he would be Hyung. So on and so forth...
Titles are depend on the gender of the speaker, so let's learn all of these titles on these awesome videos from Talk To Me In Korean.

Korean Kinship Terms Part 1 (Oppa, Nuna, Hyeong, etc.)

Korean Kinship Terms Part 2  (Parents, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts…)

credits to Talk To Me In Korean for videos

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