Monday, April 15, 2013

"All The Korea Blogs" Listed Princess Attic

I finally made it.Yes. My blog was able to be included on the growing list of blog about Korea, on the "All The Korea Blogs"  with the help of an awesome blogger, none other than, Roboseyo!

All The Korea Blogs aim to promote those blogs and to have an audience and to collect all the new voices writing about Korea, and help readers find blogs that are interesting to them. There is also a huge list of other bloggers' addresses to check out.

Thank You Roboseyo oppa!^_^, (I know you don't want to be called "oppa" well that's the sole reason I'm calling you oppa hihihi) again, Thank you for having me on your list. (You can also visit Roboseyo blog).
Introducing my humble blog huhuhu

Posting my latest blog entry on their site

If you're writing anything about Korea and want to be on the list just email Roboseyo at roboseyo at gmail dot com or post a polite note here.

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