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Beethoven's Virus

Below is the list of the classic songs in Korean drama Beethoven Virus that I've seen few years ago. One of my fave among the list is Nella Fantasia by Morricone (Click this link to listen).

If you own a TV, chances are you’ve heard Rossini’s music. His "William Tell" overture has been used in countless commercials, cartoons, and sitcoms (think galloping horses, or any race scene).  (Click this link to listen).

 I finally have the time to search and download each music. :)
Summary of this drama is on this link
Drama Ost:

01 . 운명
02 . 무대위로
03 . 내사람 - 환희
04 . 천방지축 두루미
05 . 베토벤을 생각하며
06 . 도전
07 . 들리나요... - 소녀시대 태연
08 . 기다림
09 . Maestro
10 . 한 사람 때문에.. – 이진성 (by Monday Kiz)
11 . Passion
12 . 그렇게 바라만 보며
13 . 사랑은 선율을 타고(Day by Day) – 소녀시대
14 . 내일을 향해
15 . 설레임
16 . My Humming - 임지현
17 . 달려라 강건우
18 . 열정의 팀
19 . 미래의 꿈 – 문지성
20 . 사랑할 수 있어요
21 . 행복을 꿈꾸다
22 . 마지막 콘서트

01. Fate
02. Comfort stage
03. My person - Hwan Hee
04. Rashful Du Ru Mi
05. Beethoven's thoughts
06. Fight
07. Did you hear it ? - Tae Young from SNSD
08. Waiting
09. Maestro
10. Because of one person.. - Lee Jin Sung (Monday Kiz)
11. Passion
12. Looking from above
13. Love burning melody(Day by Day) - SNSD
14. Towards tomorrow
15. Shaking love
16. My Humming - Im Ji Hyun
17. Run, Kang Gun Woo
18. Team of passion
19. Dream of future - Mun Ji Sung
20. Dreams of happiness
21. Last concert


Classical Ost:


01. SARASATE: Zigeunerweisen
Anne-Sophie Mutter, violin
Wiener Philharmoniker
James Levine

02. J. STRAUSS I: Radetzky March Op. 228
Berlin Philharmoniker
Herbert Von Karajan

03. BEETHOVEN: Violin Romance in F major op.50
Philharmonia Orchestra
Myung-Whun Chung

04. BEETHOVEN: Symphony No.9 in D minor, Op.125 'Choral'
-IV. Presto-Allegro assai
Staatskapelle Dresden
Giuseppe Sinopoli

05. BEETHOVEN: Symphony No.5 in C minor, Op.67
-I. Allegro con brio
Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela
Gustavo Dudamel

06. SUPPE: Light Cavalry
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Herbert Von Karajan

07. CHOPIN: Etude, Op.25 No.11 in A minor 'Winter Wind'
Tamas Vasary, piano

08. MORRICONE: Nella Fantasia
Russell Watson, tenor
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

09. PIAZZOLA: Libertango
Hector Ulises Passarella, bandoneon. Luis Bacalov, piano
Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecillia
Myung-Whun Chung

10. BRAHMS: Hungarian Dance No. 5
Roby Lakatos Band

11. ROSSINI: Overture - William Tell
Chamber Orchestra of Europe
Claudio Abbado

12. BRAHMS: Symphony No.3 in F, Op.90, III. Poco allegretto
Berlin Philharmoniker
Herbert Von Karajan


01. SARASATE: Carmen Fantasy, Op.25-I. Introduction. Allegro Moderato
Anne-Sophie Mutter, violin
Wiener Philharmoniker
James Levine

02. MOZART: Clarinet Concerto in A, K.622, II. Adagio
Alfred Prinz, clarinet
Wiener Philharmoniker
Karl Bohm

03. BEETHOVEN: Violin Sonata No.5 in F, Op.24 'Spring', I. Allegro
Yehudi Menuhin, violin
Wilhelm Kempff, piano

04. OFFENBACH: Overture 'Orpheus in the Underworld'
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Herbert Von Karajan

05. DVORAK: Symphony No.9 in E minor, Op.95 'From The New World' II. Largo
Berlin Philharmonic
Rafael Kubelik

06. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: The Flight of the Bumble-Bee
Pierre Fournier, cello
Lamar Crowson, piano

07. MENDELSSOHN: Symphony No.4 in A, Op.90 'Italian', I. Allegro Vivace
London Symphony Orchestra
Claudio Abbado

08. BEETHOVEN: Symphony No.6 In F, Op.68 'Pastorale'
-II. Szene am Bach (Andante molto mosso)
Wiener Philharmoniker
Karl Bihm

09. DVORAK: Slavonic Dance Op.46, No.8 in G minor
Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks
Rafael Kubelik
Note: People may say that Beethoven Virus shouldn't be part of the classical music category. Even though it does have classical music - including Beethoven's, so I include it on the category of entertainment and music. :) 




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