Monday, March 11, 2013

Miss Understood

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Do people often misinterpret you?
It happens on me, all the time. I'm not the sort to go around with a big smile on my face most of the time, so people often misinterpret this as unhappiness or worst snob.
I just don't have an expressive face.

Unlike Maya, a bubbly character in one of the soap opera in the Philippines
When I'm deep in thought, I get asked, "Are you lost?", "Are you with us?", or they say, "You look confused." Before, it kind of bugs me that I apparently look like an idiot when I'm actually thinking about something, today I just ignore it because people that really know me have figured it out, though.

In some occasions I have to be animated and super friendly but sometimes I don't feel like bringing it, just to put the world at ease. It's hard just having a relaxed attitude, listen and observe the people because they think or assume that I don't really care. I do care, but it kind of sad that it's misinterpreted. I'm naturally just a laid back person. People see me as snob or arrogant, just because I am quiet and wearing an emotion less face. Though I’m like that, I'm not a bad person. I have sense of humor too and I’m so easy to talk to...T^T. 

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