Friday, March 15, 2013


Meg Magazine Goes to Korea!

Cover from
Have you seen the March issue of Meg magazine?
I am so excited when I saw this issue and boy look at the cover! Some words were written in Korean!!
Jessie Mendiola, a self confessed KPOP lover grace the cover of this special issue and with collaboration of two big brand in fashion and beauty, BENCH and THE FACE SHOP, explore Korea through Meg's fabulous perspective. Have a peek of the Gyeongbok Palace (경복궁),be awed at the  trendy and upscale shopping districts like Insadong (인사동) and Myeongdong (명동).
Want to dress like your K-POP idols? You don't have to order those fabulous and trendy clothes abroad! As BENCH explore the K-Pop culture and its influence on beauty and fashion, Bench surely have something to offer for you!!
Oh, complete your K-POP looks with Korean beauty tips and tricks featured by The Face Shop.
It also has traveling tips to Seoul, great places to go and to hangout that you shouldn't miss when you pay a visit to the Soul of Asia - Seoul. Don't forget to jot down their tips on 15 things to do in Seoul!!
Check out what’s in Korea for you!
Read all these and more in the March issue of Meg magazine.
Grab a copy now!
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