Monday, March 11, 2013


Pig Bride

Now that I feel old and deemed historic, I decided to generate a list of ways to feel young again. One in my Happy list is to read Manwha!! and here's my first!!

Pig Bride 정체불명 새색시
by Kook Hwa Huh, Su Jin Kim
Category: Light and fun story/Comedy Romance/School Setting

Pig Bride is a five volume Korean comic with a fairy tale plot and a rich kid high school setting. The plot is encumbered by lot of clichés. Lost in the mountains on a trip to summer camp, eight-year-old Si-Joon fears he'll never make it out alive. When a strange girl in a pig mask appears before him, he follows her to a house deep in the woods, where he is told that he must marry the pig-masked girl to atone for the sins of their ancestors. Si-Joon's not too keen on getting married, but that wedding feast looks so delicious! Driven by his hunger he marry the pig masked girl. It's only afterward that he realizes what he's done and...wakes up. Now He’s in Senior High, Si-Joon Lee has been dreaming about the pig bride for as long as he can remember. But it's all just a dream, right? Who's that pig-masked girl? 

The art style of Pig Bride is adorable. It has a distinct attention to details on  hair and clothing that you will fall in love with. This is expected in Korean manhwa, though..and boy, I love the funny expressions and the occasionally sunny side-up eggs eyes trying to ooze down the characters’ cheeks. ^_^...

I just finished this Manhwa (or 만화 - general Korean term for comics and print cartoons[2]) and I recommend this for those who want to laugh and feel young again ! Thanks to the author,  Kook Hwa Huh, Su Jin Kim, for a wonderful Manhwa experience. Excited to read more this week. 
Hmmm what's next?

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