Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Friend and I

Once there was a baby who told me a joke..
..and I took it seriously..

..and I can’t forget about it.
I can’t even sleep at night..
until it made me mad….
so I ignored and avoided her.

and she was wondering why the cold treatment..
so I told her my feelings..
she was so shock and clueless that she hurt me..
I didn't accept her sorry...
and she just cried .

we didn't talk since then… days, weeks passed by …long SILENCE…
it created a gap between us.

but deep inside we missed..
..each other.
We keep checking each other..
I'm too scared to say sorry..what if, she'll not accept it? what if? what if?
or am I too proud to make the first move and say "I'm sorry"?
until that poignant day..she called my name and cryingly said “I’m sorry”...
I just cried and said "I’m sorry too..
and we just cried…
 and cried like crazy.
 “sorry too..”
Mending broken hearts.
and now we’re friends again...

playing again.
It’s all because of her..she has a forgiving heart.

And by making the first move to say sorry

Thank you..

 "Am I too proud to make the first move and say "I'm sorry"?"
I know That kind of "pride" is destructive.

But thanks to her and now we’re friends again. Happy Like Crazy.
And I promise her that I would never be so sensitive again she can throw any jokes at me.
I’m sorry for being so immature.
I hurt her like mad.
And I almost ruined our friendship.

But she save it and I admire her for that..
a forgiving attitude is who you are normally, usually, regularly…

Just like what I've read:
If you want to be happy in your life, you need to have a forgiving attitude.


Because you live amidst imperfect people.

You were born into an imperfect family, with imperfect parents, with imperfect siblings.

Announcement: You’re imperfect too! (Unless you happen to be a perfect alien from a perfect planet.)

Everyday, you’ll get hurt. Someone will step on your toe. Someone will stab your back. Someone will kick your behind. Someone will prick your pride. Someone will slander your name.

That’s why Jesus said, Forgive seventy times seven. (Matthew 18:21-22) That number is a Biblical symbol for “forever”.

Believe me, if you don’t have a forgiving attitude, you can’t enjoy any imperfect relationship.

Have a forgiving attitude.

And bless all those who have offended you.

And believe that you’ll receive double what you have lost. 
-Bo Sanchez

A sincere apology rewards any relationship a fresh start.

Like the story of My Friend and I.

- Simply Princess

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