Monday, May 20, 2013


K-POP : Korean Inspired Ice Cream Bar

Summer isn't over yet! Here's the Philippine version of Korea's Melona Ice Cream Bar! 
K-POP : Korean Inspired Ice Cream Bar by Magnolia!

I love the unique the “green” Honeydew Melon flavor of KPOP,
with its fruity taste and very creamy smooth texture.
 It is not icy like your normal popsicle stick, ice-lollies, ice drops, popsicles, cream bars, or whatever you like to call them.
This will be perfect in the summer or just about anytime of the year! 
Gotta go to bye one! see yah!!

Both KPOP and Melona are available at S&R, Robinson's Supermarket, Rustans and your local Korean groceries. 

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