Friday, May 01, 2015


What Place Would You Most Love To Visit?

Gwangjang Traditional Market in Seoul

Question: What place would you love to visit in a foreign land?

I got this question in one of the writing contest that I joined..yes, I do join contest once in a while..whether its a simple survey, or a blog, or an essay one. 

Well, One place that I would definitely love to visit is - markets, I love market - this is where you can really see normal local life and real people, smell the smells, and find real local food.

This cannot be found by clubbing and sipping wine or sitting by the pool at your hotel.
Visiting a market is a feast for the senses, all kind of sights and smells.

Different stores, restaurants, street foods, the traffic both on roads and sidewalks, people rushing about in many different directions, buses, cars, a totally motion of colors and noise.
The endless street and market noise is like a background music on a musical play.

It's always worth a look at a local market, you'll also learn history on every corner.
Touch, smell and taste culture by visiting one of magnificent busiest place: the local market.

How about you? What place would you love to visit in a foreign land?


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