Sunday, April 13, 2014


OH EM GEE - it's Kim Soo Hyun!

I'm a Kim Soo Hyun's Noona fan! *throws confetti and jumps around*. For how long? you ask. Well I have no idea, but if he keeps up being this cute and full of potential, well I don't know ... ~ lol

Move over other drama princes and royalties, it's Kim Soo Hyun's era!! He's young, he's great in acting (let's not argue about the extent of his acting), he has a good voice and he mesmerises all the girls out there (including me, me!). 

His fame might not last, in this world where everyone's attention and stardom span is as short as well, my pinky,  but with all CFs and dramas, and my Soo Hyun is an actore, a real artist who's good in his craft, his fame will last quite a while for sure! 

I'm currently watching his previous dramas ( done with his movies) and when I like-love a drama, I don't just watch every episode. I do stalk every behind the scene photo, every hilarious NG (you're not a drama fan if you don't know "NG" lol), every interviews and how's the cast during filming/shooting. Every bit of behind the scenes. 

It’s always fun to peek behind the curtains — or scenes of drama productions. As much as I  enjoy the drama,  I'm one of kind viewer, who knows the line between fiction and reality. :) 

Well, generally, we know every actor/actress in their character on each drama, they're part of the story, yes, but we don't know them personally,of course, nothing in their real life,  so I do watch behind the scenes to know more about them.

In my opinion, somwhere, somehow you'll know, at least a bit of them in behind the scenes, how they interact with their co-stars, crews, and their fans on set or otherwise. How gullible, friendly or nasty they are, atleast you'll discover a bit of their real personality. I a stalker now???!!! 

Haha... I hope that's not the case, I am a mere Noona, who's appreciating someone's talent and charisma.  

So Kim Soo Hyun dongsaeng fighting!!

Inked with Love, Passion and Spazzm over Soo Hyun,
Simply Princess
04142014 2am

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