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My Shameless Losing Weight Journey

When I’m on a diet every social gathering is a war.  It’s a war within me because every get together create chaos in my diet.  That blissful feeling when you're with your close friends sharing stories over lunch or dinner. Those endless talks that made me forget that I was munching more than I supposed to eat.

I had been a large child, large adolescent and an extra large young adult.

But late last year when I hit rock bottom because I reached my heaviest weight, I planned to be a healthy Medium size adult.

Like every dieters I have ups and downs, and downs, and more downs. I messed up a lot, and when I messed up, I feel depressed and eating is my outlet, so let's keep messing up and have a piece of cheesecake! And more rice in every meal!! 

And before I knew it things had gotten out of control.
Again, back to square one with more POUNDS.

I've read in one site that 5% of weight loss/health is what you put in your mouth and the other 95% is IN YOUR HEAD.

My mindless overeating is not about my belly but my brain.

Below are the tips that I’ve learned in my journey, from people I’ve met, from sites that I’ve visited, and from my own experience.

•Eat breakfast.
•Choose healthy food 80% of the time.
•Give up the soda or even diet soda and drink more water.
•Don't deprive yourself. 
            Eat what you want moderately. It has to be a life change that you can live with. Instead of thinking of a strict eating plan that doesn’t fit your lifestyle.
•Find an exercise that you enjoy.
I'm a huge skate and biking fan. Find ways to exercise without "exercising." I think that it is much healthier and easier to become more active in general than to try to maintain a sedative and boring focused exercise here and there.
 •Be honest with yourself.
            Denial was a big part of what stopped me in the past. It's hard to accept that I'm not chubby anymore and no baby fats. I AM FAT AND I HAVE BAD EATING HABITS. I had to face some pretty unpleasant truths about myself before I could even begin to correct my behaviors.
•Weigh and/or measure yourself regularly.
            Everyone has different ideas for how often that should be, but I firmly believe it should be frequent enough for you to have a wakeup call when you get off track before too much damage is done
• Beware of people who will try to sabotage your success.
 I can't tell you how many times I've heard things like "is that all you're eating?", “I wonder until when is your craziness”. Sometimes even the best intentions can cause major problems.
•Keep going.
 No matter how bad you mess up, it is never too late to turn it around. Even if that means starting over and over and over. You cannot fail if you never stop trying and learn from your mistake.

 I prepare myself for every battle because I know attitude is everything. Being a lacto vegan helps a lot, I'm not grabbing that oily fried chicken or sky high sugar soda anymore.  And oh, today every social gathering is a party, no matter how small or big it is and of course being with friends is a total knockout.

 I’m not yet in my ideal weight and no way near it. In fact I was just inspired (and shameless too) to write this by those contestants from losing weight reality show, who tried to grab the crown the cheaters way.

Actually there’s no secret diet or perfect formula in losing weight all you need is Determination, Perseverance and Self Discipline.

And finally, with all that said, ACTION is better than words.

This is from an extra large woman taking small step one day at a time.

Inked with Love and Passion
Simply Princess

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