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Movie Review: Frozen

This is kinda late but finally, I've seen Walt Disney’s FROZEN, and I was really excited for this movie. I have this high expectation, maybe because of positive reviews I've read about it and simply because of my love at first heard, of its broadwayish sound track “First Time in Forever”. I’ve heard this song through a friend even before I’ve seen the movie.

So it's about two girls. One has power, and the other is a hyperactive dork (adorably clumsy, socially awkward, and naïve).

They're both cute though.

Their parents died right off the bat. It was shown so quickly and barely has any impact. No surprises there, Disney.

Elsa is effectively a prisoner in her own room. Such a poor little princess. Her power is just too unpredictable. I just don’t get it why she locked up herself in her room when she can go out as long as she had her gloves on.

Anna is an actively- lonely princess missing her sister.  I love the castle’s interior as well as the paintings.

On Elsa's coronation day, things go to shit when her powers explode. So she leaves to live in the mountains like a real mountain man. Well, she’s one of a kind mountain woman, an incredible architect who could sing "Let It Goooooo!!!!" while building a castle and a fashion designer who could weave fabric and made a stunning outfit from snow and create life – Olaf, the snowman and the Ice monster.

Wait, what? So Elsa decides to live in a freaking spectacular castle she just shoots out of her hands?

Three questions: Is there a bathroom in there? What is she going to eat? And can she really sleep on hard Ice?

Then Anna goes searching for her sis, and meets:

  1. A cute boy, Kristoff.
  2. A gay shop owner,
  3. A dog-horse-moose, Sven, seriously, Disney could you please stop turning horses (and reindeer) into dogs?
  4. A talking snowman; I liked the snowman a lot because his comedy was the only one that worked naturally for me.
  5. And a community of singing Trolls. I absolutely hated the Trolls and their song “Fixer Upper”. They're annoying, obnoxious and the way they're so overly close to Kristoff that they wanted Anna to dump her fiancé for him is pretty creepy. Actually, forget I said anything about the Trolls.

Um what else... There was the stereotypical evil guy at first - Prince Hans. He was too obvious. But I love Hans, Why? Because he taught an important lesson: Sometimes Prince Charming is really Prince Asshole.

So the real evil guy came right out of the left field. That was neat. Anna's hair gets cooler, but then nah.

The film has some issues with pacing, starting off slowly with an unnecessary amount of exposition and ending very abruptly, with an epiphany kicking off the inevitable thaw. At the end of the film I was like – “What? That’s IT??”

So yeah, it was a good movie. It was originally a story of the Snow Queen Elsa but Anna almost steals the show.

Elsa was the best because she was really pretty and so was the castle and the dress she made. But I really like sparkly, icy, blue and teal stuff, so I might be a bit biased there.

The message is that you should be yourself as long as you don't kill anybody. I think. The voice actors did an AMAZING job bringing life to some fairly dull characters.

Visually the film was stunning. But on an emotional and intellectual level I'm disappointed. This was not worthy of all the hype it has been receiving and no sequel please. There, I said it.

So watch it, or don't. Rewatch it or don't.

While I didn't find the film stimulating I did find it entertaining, enjoyable, almost well-made film, but not a classic.

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  1. Mark Anthony Sausa said... 4/09/2014 9:35 PM

    we're on the same page. .I wasn't thrilled. .it was good, but not "good" good. .it was okay, I guess.

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