Sunday, March 02, 2014


Things That I Realized Now That I'm Three Zero

1. I always forget that I'm not in my twenties anymore. 
2. The 'AGE' field on any form reminds me of my real age.
3. People started to ask my relationship status. 
4. My friends now ask me if me if I'm dating or not. 
5. People think that something LEGITIMATELY wrong with me because I'm single.
6. My middle name should be “Busy,” since that I am all the time now.
7. I'm seriously thinking of buying/loaning property. 
8. I considered moving to a more affordable part of the country.
9. My clothes doesn't suit me anymore. 
10. I look for “sensible” and “comfortable” clothes than flashy one. 
11. Investing in quality becomes important.
12. The classic rock station is now playing my high school playlist.
13. FM radio station plays my favorite songs on Playback Saturday.
14. My back or any part of my body hurts for no damn reason.
15. Unwanted hairs begin to multiply like horny bunnies.
16. Somehow I'm a person with answers.
17. My clothes won’t be the only things laden with wrinkles.
18. Moisturizers is a necessity.
19. I hate taxes no matter how they beautifully explain its good cause.
20. I have semi-monthly bills
21. I have a five-year plan. 
22. I'm appalled by some noisy students/teenagers in a public transportation.
23. I constantly forget that we're like that when we were young.
24. I'm tired pretty much all the time. 
25. I've been thinking of going to a gynecologist. 
26. Sometimes I think about whether or not I’ll be a good parent. 
27. Worst, I 'm worried if I'll be a parent.
28. I read the news to see what the world is up to. 
29. Vacation days are more precious than gold. 
30. I invest on working clothes than on stylish outfits. 
31. Most of my friends are either getting married or producing spawn.
32.My Facebook feed is nothing but new baby and wedding pics.
33. And I envy them pretty much.

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  1. Anonymous said... 3/22/2014 9:49 PM

    I was glad i found this blog.:) Im also gonna be 3-0 in a few months and i thought that i am weird cause i still like KPOP in my age,, follow them like religiously especially dara park. But reading this,i now know there's also people out there in my age gap who's also pure 100% blackjack!:)Thanks!:D

  2. Simply Princess said... 3/31/2014 2:11 AM


    Thank you for visiting my blog~
    Age is just a number my dear. We are young as we thought we are.
    Keep on doing what you love.

    Simply Princess

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