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From KOREA to RUSSIA : 2014 Winter Olympics Controversy

After my Winter Olympic blog entry about Viktor Ahn, an Olympic gold medalist speed racer , let's take a look at the most controversial result of this year's winter game.

The controversy started when the result of the figure skating competition was revealed.  The Russian 
figure skater Adelina Sotnikova  snatched the most coveted figure skating gold medal and beats the Korean red hot favourite Queen of Ice Kim Yuna (김연아)

For unbiased spectators and media at Iceberg Skating Palace it was obvious that South Korean reigning champion Kim Yuna, is the gold medal winner, she had skated flawlessly perfect. She also leads the short program before she skated at the final round. 

But when Kim's final score (219.11) was read, the gold medal goes to Russia's Adelina Sotnikova (224.59), and silver medal to Kim. It resulted a cascade of roaring cheers from  Russian supporters and fans in the arena,  and uproar of sharp, derisive whistles and jeers from the others. 

Controversy on the ice: Adelina Sotnikova, right, and an upset Kim Yu-Na. Photo: AP
According to the final score Sotnikova had a strong performance, Kim was particularly exquisite, with perhaps just one wobble on her jump denying her perfection.

This score only shows the "home-ice advantage" and served as another painful reminder of how past Olympics have been shrouded in controversy.
Russia's Adelina Sotnikova upset South Korea's favourite Kim Yuna in a controversial final
But in contrast to the outburst of anger from the public over this controversial judging, which ended a silver medal for the reigning Olympic Champion, Kim Yuna reiterated multiple times, "I have no regrets. I feel free now."  

As humble as she is, Kim Yuna said on her press conference:  "Please remember me as a skater named Yuna Kim, not by a medal. Let's think that the gold medal went to someone who was more desperate for it." [FEVERSmedia - Sportsseoul]

In my heart you're always be the greatest skater, and it doesn't matter  what medal  you received because in the heart of all of your fans, you're the only Queen of Ice and the real Champion.

Inked with Love and Passion,

Simply Princess

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