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Skip Beat!

I just finished Chapter 203, the latest chapter of this shoujo manga, Skip Beat! another masterpiece of Nakamura Yoshiki and gee this is my ultimate favorite! It is the funniest and finest shoujo manga I've ever had the pleasure of reading. With such a great love-hate-revenge premise that you'll never get bored.
Skip Beat!'s Recipe: 

  • Funny - Check
  • Dark Evil Spirits- Check
  • Revenge - Check
  • Romance - Check
  • Smart and Sassy Female Lead - Check
  • Hot Guys - Check  
  • Art - Check 
  •  Moral of the story - Check

Complete with comedy, action, romance and full of wits and lovable-hate characters that you can really sink your teeth into. Oozing with sexiness too, and set in a circus world of show business.

Kyoko Mogami

Focus on the life of heroine Kyoko Mogami, an innocent local maiden that was ruthlessly betrayed by her love and childhood singer boyfriend Sho Fuwa. Her adventure begins when she entered the showbiz industry making friends and enemies to achieve her total goal - to get revenge to Sho. 

What I love the most was the author's way of showings Kyoko’s anger and hate to Sho by expressing ghosts, demons, and spirits, and how she can use them to physically attack someone or to bind them so they couldn't move. It may sounds disturbing but it was so funny.

Kyoko cursing Sho Fuwa (images copyright Nakamura Y.)

Kyoko's demons and evil spirits loathing Sho 
 This manga has been made to anime,(Skip Beat anime Season 2 will be on 2014)  and live action drama starring KPOP Super Junior members Choi Siwon as Tsuruga Ren and Lee Dong Hae as Sho Fuwa.

However I love the manga better than those two versions. I mean the anime was well done but the live

One of my favorite scene here is Kyoko's portrayal of an Angel in Sho Fuwa's promotional video. It was an instant reunion to her ever hated ex-boyfriend. It was an awakening call to Sho who was dumbstruck-mesmerized by Kyoko's beauty and also felt threaten to Kyoko's ability to act and enter showbiz in a short span of time.

 Kyoko as an Angel - Manga vs Anime vs Live Drama:  

Captivating Angel in Skip Beat Manga
Another Angelic Kyoko in Skip Beat Anime
Ivy Chen as Kyoko in Skip Beat live action drama (Taiwan) - I'm so sorry but I saw it as a lost sheep/lamb than an angel..>.<
Kyoko as an Angel, Scanlation of Skip Beat! manga 
There's more to it than this images. A deeper story, secrets, and dark past of each character  and how they chase their love in circle. 

I also love every Kyoko's role, as she morph into different persona in every character she portrayed

In this story I really fell in love with Kyoko's character. She has been deceived and made used of, but she used it as her stepping stone to fight and get even. Though at first her goal in entering the world of glitz and glamour showbiz was revenge but as she walks down the path, meet friends and different circumstances she get to personally see her growth both as a person and an actress, how she managed her inner demons, her struggles and carve out her own living and reputation as an actress. Kyoko has a potentially bright future on this field. As the story goes on, her new friends, who loves her dearly keep her from her dark desire of revenge and made her leave her painful past behind and start living her own life for herself. 

This manga is still on going and I'm looking forward to the next chapter. ^_^ 
You can read and download SKIP BEAT at Manga Traders for FREE !! 

Maybe next time I'll make a comparison and review of this manga vs anime and vs live action drama.

Inked with Love and Passion,

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