Sunday, September 08, 2013


Kimchi 'Healed' Me

I used to not like kimchi at all, and you know why, right? 
I don’t know why…but that special day,when I tried it, this adorable little side dish was so comforting, cooled my head down and warmed my heart.. (hey that was so poetic for a side dish huh).  It was less spicy, cold (just in right temperature) and sweet.  It even healed my bitter-sulking of 3 months  < Gee I didn’t know that I sulked that long>...and found my self falling in love again. Why I sulked? That’s another story…^_^ . I'll tell it next time.

Some restaurants serve delicious Kimchi and others…not so much, but this Kimchi @ Buffet101 was superb! Try it!

Inked with Love and Passion,

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