Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Won a Contest!!

Lo and behold….

Finally, I won!! and it’s such a big deal to me because I officially consummated one from my bucket list: It is to win a contest! Any contest. Forgive this lady for bragging her latest little triumph and I really place it as my title for this blog entry. It's very rare that I win anything, probably in my life I have won, hmm let see…maybe one or two competitions.  It’s funny the way things work sometimes. I never really considered myself a “lucky” person when it comes to contests or entering drawings. I am usually the last person picked. 
This year, I won!! It was my first time to win an international contest (!). It was an essay competition, organized by Academy of Korean Studies in Korea titled 'I Bring Korea before the World' (“내가 한국바로알리기 주인공” 에세이 공모 이벤트 소개).
 This competition intends to raise the awareness of local students and overseas Koreans on correcting errors in textbooks and materials on the understanding of Korea and to promote "Understanding Korea" project domestically and internationally.
 This contest has two parts; I guess first part was easier than the second part, because 1st part was an essay on how to promote awareness about Korea while part two was focused on material reviews. (Books and other materials in teaching Korean language)
For this competition each category will have its grand, runner up and participation winners. Prizes are Galaxy tab, Smart Digi Camera, Automatic (touch screen) Dictionary respectively.

I purposely joined the 2nd part hoping few peeps will participate since it was a complex subject (in my opinion), so few sender means more chances of winning har-har-har.
But to my surprise there were so many participants worldwide (!). Lucky winners of Part two category : 1st was from US, 2nd prize were from Russia, China and Kazakhstan and 3rd or Participation prizes were from Indonesia, Philippines(and its me!!!) and New Zealand. It was the first open competition event ever organized by Academy of Korean Studies, it was successful and it even took a lot of time to screen and review the applications/entries.  It’s such a grand feeling to know that they like my piece! 

Lately I was joining several competitions and my entry here, boy, I really had fun writing it the most. Lastly I've learned that an achiever doesn't dwell too much on the prizes and awards. Oh, don't get me wrong. I like the big earnings and the popularity (what earnings and popularity?! :p).Kidding aside, that's all pleasant and rare, but real pleasure is doing what I love (that is spreading and studying Korean Language) and prizes are an added bonus.

My prize : Certificates and iRiver D2000

"If you're enjoying what you're doing, and you're giving it everything you've got, you'll win contests - even the ones you didn't know you were in." – Joe Vitale, 

Thank You CEFIA and AKS!!

Center for International Affairs of the Academy of Korean Studies (http://intl.ikorea.ac.kr/english/)
Academy of Korean Studies 한국학중앙연구원 (http://intl.aks.ac.kr/english/)
List of winners is on http://intl.ikorea.ac.kr/english/viewtopic.php?t=1186

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