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Street Food Trip

I love street food well, who's not?

More often than not, whenever i visited a place , I explore the place by trying their food, from local street foods to their best delicacies.This is not limited to out of towns or out of the country visits but even to city visits too. Hey our cities here have something to offer too! I bet on that! My town, Angono have many unique foods like its neighbor town. Also someone said that " food is a window into culture " so 
I traveled around greater Manila and neighbor cities and tried some of their street foods. I wasn't disappointed, so lets hop and see what are those -
First stop : Quiapo
Lumpiang Sariwa or Fresh Spring Roll  

I went at Hidalgo Street, Quiapo, and tried Lumpiang Sariwa or Fresh Spring Roll is a vegetable dish composed of different vegetables with a soft (unfried) wrapper garnished with sweet sauce and crushed peanuts.

Second Stop : UN/Taft Avenue

Banana Que

I don't know but its the only place I saw that has long lines of street vendors of banana queues.
I tried one and its oh so yummily hot.The sugar coating was so sticky then unbelievably turned crispy.    

Third Stop: Teresa, Sta Mesa
Kwek kwek

Where else you can see this popular variation of Tokneneng?A pinoy delicacy made of quail eggs and some orange batter, it is best eaten with lots of vinegar and pipino tidbits.This is my "pamatid gutom" when I was in college (I studied at PUP Mabini Campus).

Fourth Stop: MRT Boni, Mandaluyong

Tik-Tilaok foodstand along the rails 

I saw this new food card at MRT-Boni Station. It is quite intriguing but obviously it sells chicken foodies! They offer chicken burger, chicken skin, chicharon, chicken siomai and chicken neck.

Fifth Stop : UP Diliman
Isaw @ Mang Larry's in front of the Kalayaan Residence Hall. 

Just like the tagline of Mang larry : "sa UP lang. Masarap. Malinis. Sulit"
It is really deliciously mouth watering grilled pork and chicken intestine dip in special sweet and sour vinegar sauce and once you taste you'll ask for more! 

According to a listing made by Cable News Networks' travel website CNNgo, their lists of the country's top ten street dishes as follows: chicharon, taho, balut, kwek kwek, silog, isaw, kikiam, banana cue and fish balls.

While the article identifies Manila as the center of street food haven in the country, some of the street food it mentioned can be found in other cities too and of course, you can see and buy most of these street foods anywhere and anytime but eating it at different place makes it much more special and unique.

Tara kain tayo!

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