Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Streets of Paradise

Not all paradise is a sacred garden sometimes it is a busy street and a parking lot

Seoul City is one of the most interesting and exciting city in Asia.
It is a combination of past and present Korea, where history and modern technology meet and where latest fashion and trendy hairstyles flares.
While everyone else is excited to visit the vacation spots, theme parks, beach,museums and famous places in Korea, I am looking forward to visit the busy streets of Seoul. I love the sights, sounds and smells of a busy street. I believe that even a simple street corner could be a tourist spot and exploring culture through busy streets is as significant as visiting historical places and palaces.
In Seoul, you’ll find historical palaces standing graciously side by side with breathtaking skyscrapers.
I guess I'll learn and delve into the culture of Korea by just standing still and observe people on their daily life.
However I still love to explore the streets of Seoul, where I’ll see different people and languages from around the world.  Different stores, restaurants, street foods, traffic both on roads and sidewalks, people rushing about in many different directions, buses, cars, a totally motion of colors and noise, it was like a beautiful  new era painting. The endless street noise is like background music on a musical play.
I want to see the landscape of concrete state-of-the-art buildings and maze of roadways, and be fascinated of a diverse mix of the old and new, natural and artificial side of Seoul. These seemingly contradictory elements coexist harmoniously in Korea.
I want to see how Seoul rush by, how busy people hurrying to and from their jobs, eating, selling, shopping or just walking. I want to experience if subway of Seoul is more fun to ride than any subway in the world.
Bike, jog, stroll on streets is as amazing and as breath taking as visiting beach, palaces, park and any other tourist spots.
I love to walk on busy streets during the day and how it stays beautiful during the night by millions of lights flicker and dusted the night like powdered sugar scattered the whole city.         Be amazed of how modern the city had become and yet still rich in culture.
Touch, smell and taste Korea by visiting its magnificent city, Seoul.
And I want to experience it beyond its flares, fur, and frills.

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